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We’ve created a cryptocurrency to be easy to use.

MarketCash came up from the idea of bringing something different to our reality. Using blockchain technology to create a truly secure and scalable cryptocurrency that can be used on a daily basis for shopping at your corner store or any other establishment, you can also use it to pay fees at our own exchange and also to buy discounted products and services in our marketplace.

What is MarketCash?

MarketCash is a cryptocurrency that aims to be used in our exchange, marketplace and e-commerces.
While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is planning to build three secure, useful, & easy-to-use solution based on blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payment integration, and even a new way to buy, sell and trade products and services.
When our solutions are ready and running, our goal is to integrate all the solutions to facilitate access to the exchange and the marketplace, which will make the business really efficient.

Source: www.marketcash.io

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